"Danny Conant's emulsion-transfer nude portraits, in which the "goo" from a Polaroid print is pushed around and wrinkled while still wet, look like flower petals pressed between the pages of a scapbook."

—From "Not a Snap", a review of the "Alternatives" show at Kathleen Ewing gallery in Washington


"For photographer Danny Conant, the world is literally her oyster. She finds inspiration in both the everyday (a windowsill of plants) to the exotic (a Tibetan landscape) to the esoteric (black and white portraits of nudes)"

—From "Emulsifying Moments" by Cathy Grubman


"There are moments when the photographs seem sentimental. Yet it is also clear that the feeling of personal warmth and charm correctly describes the Tibetan people, and their relaxed, unselfconscious engagement with the camera is actually quite natural."

—From "An Accidental Feast of Photography" by Phyllis Braff of the NY Times

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