Danny Conant is a Washington D.C. area fine art photographer whose work has appeared in many national publications. Her specialty is photographing figures, then she uses a number of alternative processes to produce her beautiful imagery; platinum, silver gelatin, Polaroid emulsion transfers and beyond the digital prints.

Retiring from teaching so she could fully immerse herself in her photography, Conant has studied photography and printmaking. Her studies have allowed her to work with Ralph Gibson, Olivia Parker, Elizabeth Opalenik, Greg Gorman, and Joyce Tenneson.

The view through Conant’s lens exposes the world of a traveler whose witness to provocative sensuous images of figures that are at once earthly and ethereal. Her imagery always respond the sensual, tactile surfaces of a print and one of the first things she thinks about are "does that picture make me want to touch it?" The transition from traditional photography to her current artistic process results in mixed media works that are both visually and physically dimensional. The art works now having a very tactile quality, drawing the viewer into the surface.

Conant’s extensive travels have taken her to the far and near east. Multiple trips to China and Tibet have allowed her to delve further into the spirit and culture of the regions. Her most recent work, "Tibetan Journey", is an extensive collection of beautiful and diverse artworks, on paper, fresco and a book.

Artist Statement

"My artistic career as a photographer was born out of my desire to record what I was seeing in my travels to the remote corners of China and Tibet. Soon I was learning the insides of a darkroom and transforming photographs. The first time I watched an image appear in the developing tray, I was captivated by the "magic" of it all. Today photography remains magical to me. Transforming photographs, manipulating the imagery both by hand and with the computer to give them the tactile quality that makes the viewer want to touch it, is what I love.

Over the years of travel I’ve witnessed speeding changes of our globe and with the camera I’ve recorded it. A Tibetan monk walking around in his traditional red robes wearing brilliant white running shoes, a co-mingling of cultures. From within the computer I am able to co-mingle the disparate elements into one, unlike our world today. My work reflects both a desire to touch and feel the world, as it does to inform the viewer of my desire for us all to understand one another. Not so much to be one great globalized unit but to revere and celebrate our co-existence. "

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